Mailbox Mohawk

It all started when...

Like any twelve year-old, I was constantly being nagged by my mother to complete my chores. One chore in particular was more annoying that anything else -- cleaning the mailbox. It involved lugging a bucket of water and a scrub brush to the bottom of the driveway to begin cleaning off the bird droppings from the week. However, like any entrepreneur I knew there had to be a better way, so I began the process of innovating.

A string tied to the mailbox looked tacky, and taping or gluing something permanent to an expensive mailbox was out of the question. My product had to work effectively, blend into the surroundings, and be easy to clip on and off (in case we wanted to adorn the mailbox with a helium balloon on occasion). The Mailbox Mohawk was the perfect solution. 

It worked just as I had expected, and I permanently alleviated myself from ever cleaning another mailbox again. That was until I was approached by multiple neighbors asking where they could purchase the contraption that sat perched atop my mailbox. Quickly realizing the potential for a business opportunity, I ramped up production and began selling door to door. I sold the Mailbox Mohawk and also provided mailbox cleaning for an additional charge. This entrepreneurial adventure made me realize that interacting with people and creatively solving problems was something I wanted to do as a career later in life. The Mailbox Mohawk is still being sold to this day and has its own website that allows for purchases across the nation.

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