Oracle - Business Development Consultant

After graduation from Baylor University in 2018, I accepted a role with Oracle as a Business Development Consultant (BDC) with their SaaS application products. Unlike most BDCs that are assigned a singular SaaS product to focus on, I was placed on the Account Research team. This team’s role was to be a utility player. We worked alongside the marketing team to locate potential opportunities across Oracle’s full suite of SaaS products. From Fortune 500 companies, to small and medium businesses, I was able to connect with customers at any sized company.

Throughout this position, I have generated over $4 million in pipeline and have created over $300,000 in closed revenue in under nine months. This success has been directly related to connecting with customers and being able to understand their business pains and steering them to the best Oracle product for those needs. From finance, to HR, to marketing and more, this role has allowed me to gain a firm grasp on the SaaS market and prepare me for the next level.