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Owens Corning - Inside Sales Intern

In the summer of 2017, I was afforded the opportunity of being a roofing and asphalt sales intern for Owens Corning, a leader in the roofing space. From calling on contractors, to creating new selling tools, to presenting on Owens Corning's fleet of products, each day provided a new experience. It was an incredible experience to work with an established Fortune 500 company and be a part of such an experienced team of selling professionals.

The main project I was tasked on was creating or improving one of Owens Corning's in-home roofing sales tools that they provide to their contractors across the nation. Given my creative and innovative spirit, this project was right in my wheel house. I spoke with contractors across the nation to understand what would help them sell to the best of their ability and began implementing those ideas into a final device. In a short period of time, my team and I produced a prototype of our new and improved selling tool. It was so well received that it was given the green light to go into full scale production and be implemented nationwide. It was incredible to be a part of a team of individuals all aligned to achieve a central goal.